At Kéhli Restaurant

It is a typical Hungarian restaurant with the real tastes of the Hungarian cuisine. It is not in the center that is why not so “touristic”. It can happen that you find a tourist group accidentally but mainly you can see locals celebrating birthdays or local businessmen negotiating at the table. So this restaurant is not living on only tourists who never come again but they need to maintain the quality to tempt us again and again. My children (in their twenties) like it also very much and for me there is no need to get more arguments.

In the evenings live gypsy music may entertain you. If you do not like to hear it from close distance then book not in the main hall.

There are many excellent choices of quality food.

Now when I read again the menu I am sure you need to stay minimum for a week to taste only the bests.

But let’s start.

Cold starters:

There are cold appetizers, too, and the following is a must-must-must:

  • Cold goose liver served in its own fat and onion jam. It is one of the bests. You bite your toast topped with fat and a thin slice of liver. Fantastic.


In Hungary we usually eat soup before the main course. If you’d like to start with small portion the best choice can be:

  • Fisherman’s soup with green paprika or
  • Goulash soup

Larger portions (still soups):

  • Fisherman’s soup of carp from Óbuda (you cannot taste it outside of Hungary in this way)
  • Hungarian goulash soup (it is the original one and totally different from that you may tried anywhere else in the world)
  • Hot-pot with marrow bone. It is coming from the time of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. Juicy beef cooked in pot with tasty vegetables, mushrooms and a real peacetime marrow-bone. They serve in with toast and garlic. It is not light. But we live once.
    Touch your toasted bread lightly (or firmly) with garlic and top it with marrow. Then you can bite your toast with marrow and also taste your fantastic soup in the same time. You will come back to taste it again.


Warm starter:

  • Hungarian „letcho” (stewed tomato, onion and paprika) – fantastic!!!

Main courses:
There are several excellent choices but you are almost full, so I suggest only my favourites:

  • Pork medallions with chips and „letcho
  • Pork medallions with Tokaji wine- and blue cheese sauce
  • Small slices of pork stewed with garlic and potato cubes
  • Transylvanian steak filled with ham, bacon and mushroom – It is very tricky, you think that you know what it is, but it is much more.
  • Steamed deer filet in vegetable sauce and roll dumplings.


  • Vanilla custard with egg-mousse – It is my favourite from my childhood. Very-very good. The Hungarian name of this dessert is “bird-milk” that may tell more. It is known also as floating islands and it has French (œufs à la neige or île flottante) or Roman origin when in that time they did not know vanilla so they used pepper instead…

Enjoy your meal.

Reconstruction Works of Metro Line M3

From 4 November 2017, on workdays between 4:30–20:30 metro line M3 is replaced by buses between Lehel tér and Újpest-Központ stations.

Metro line M3 is replaced by buses on its entire route on weekday nights (past 20:30) and at weekends.

Metro replacement buses will depart in every 45 seconds in peak hours.

Below you see the closest stop of the Metro replacement bus in the direction of the city center. For the other direction click here.

The Closest Station of the Metro Replacement Bus in the Direction of the City Center

Surroundings of Arpad hid Station 

Surroundings of Lehel ter Station


Replacement of M3 Metro Line

Replacement of M3 Metro Line



Further Information

If you book one of our apartments, you choose a self-catering accommodation.

This means the followings:

  • We do not disturb you every day but we let you enjoy your stay as you were at home.
  • We do not enter into your apartment without your permission or knowledge. The only exception can be an emergency situation.
  • After your arrival you may find some tea, nescafe, sugar and pepper in the apartment. These are free of charge but if you need more you need to buy them in the nearby grocerie’s.
  • The apartment will have been cleaned to a high standard before your arrival. This is included. Another cleaning service is also included for stays more than 7 days.
  • In case you require we can provide the following extra services:
    • bed linen change – 5 Euro
    • towel change – 5 Euro
    • cleaning service – 10 Euro
  • We do not have reception. We meet you in a prearranged time. Normal working hours are from 8:00 to 22:00.
    • That is why we kindly ask you to send us your planned check-in time (and flight number if arriving by plane) in advance, to ensure our presence.
    • Late check-in services:
      • after 10:00 p.m. – 15 EUR
      • after midnight – not possible on-site – In our 5 km far minihotel the receptionist will help you to get your keys.
    • Late check-out is also possible. At 11:00 a.m you need to leave your apartment to allow us to clean it for the next guest but we can store your luggage in a safe place till your departure. Please let us know in case you intend to leave us during the night. Then we will let you know the way how to do it. It is possible free of charge.

Nevertheless we ask you not to hesitate to contact us if we can help you in anything else (e.g. print out your tickets).

River Cruise With Pizza & Unlimited Beer

Budapest is beautiful.

One of the best programmes is to view it from the Danube. It is very nice also in the evening.

You can buy tickets for several cruise programmes during check-in or later as you wish.

The best is to reserve places in advance by e-mail. (

The most popular cruise is the Pizza & Unlimited Beer Cruise

Your favourite pizza with unlimited beer and soft drink will be delivered, while you are enjoying the beautiful view of Budapest.

Drink bar, free wifi on board.

Departure Times:  10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30, 18:00, 19:30, 21:00 every day!

Duration:  90 minutes

Departure Place: Dock 11

Price: 7900 HUF (~ 27-30 EUR depending on the actual exchange rates).
You can buy tickets during check-in or later as you wish. I suggest to reserve places in advance by e-mail. (


HamCorn pizza
(tomato souce, ham, mushroom, sweet corn, cheese)

Hawaii pizza
(pizza tomato sauce, pineapple, ham, cheese)

Hungarian pizza
(pizza tomato sauce, spicy sausage slices, red onion,
sausage, cheese)

Margarita pizza
(pizza tomato sauce, cheese)

Salami pizza
(pizza tomato sauce, salami, cheese)

Instead of pizza you can choose panini, piadina, grilled sausages, hot dogs, waffles, muffins

Beer, Soft Drinks:

Coca Cola, Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite

Beer: Beer/Non-alcoholic/Dark/Flavoured


Apartment to Rent in Teve Street 12-14 – Sold out


in brick building
Rental fee:
550 EUR/month + costs
51 sqm + 7 sqm terrace = 58 sqm
central with own measurement
underground – in the price (50 EUR)
inner garden
 Air conditioner: yes
At Arpad hid metro station, in the central part of the 13th district, close to the Police Headquarters an 58 sqm, newlike, stylishly renewed, air conditioned, totally furnished, two room apartment is offered to rent with inner green garden view, with air condition and with terrace. Totally equipped.
Totally furnished:
– electric stove
– owen
– dishwasher
– microwave owen
– washing machine
– built-in wardrobe
– double bed
– sofa
– powered sunshade
Rental fee: 550 EUR/month, excluding utility charges (common cost, heating, electricity, water, gas). Underground parking place is in the price.  Minimum one year contract – 2 month deposit.

Call me now if you would like to see this very nice apartment personally!

Zoltan Szanto
Further details:
– Living room
– Kitchen
– Entry
– Bedroom
– Bathroom
– Toilette
– Terrace
19 m2
8 m2
7.2 m2
10,5 m2
4 m2
2 m2
6.5 m2