No booking fees?

It is interesting that the online travel agencies (OTAs) tell that you do not need to pay booking fees if you book at them.
The truth is that all of the travel agencies have a specific per cent from your accommodation fee.
E.g we pay minimum 22,86 % commission from your booking to if you book through them.

The only way to avoid booking fees if you book directly here.

Some people think that the online travel agencies (like give them an extra discount and that is why they book through them, paying more.
They tell that “I am Genius booker, so I have an extra discount.”
They do not realize that these genius discounts are provided by the hoteliers, not by the OTA.

As not the OTAs but WE determine our prices we always pay attention to that we have to give the same discounts on all OTAs’ sites and you can always book our best prices directly here.